De Routekaart van Dr Muhammad Ammar

Met elke dag die voorbijgaat en met elke demonstrant die gedood wordt, wordt een politieke uitweg in Syrie moeilijker te bereiken. De confrontatie wordt steeds scherper en de polarisatie steeds dieper. Toch worden er politieke initiatieven opgebracht, zoals de Routekaart van Dr Muhamamd Ammar hieronder. Dr Muhamamd Ammar is een islamitisch denker uit Deraa. Hij is lid van de groep van Sheikh Jawdat Said, de geweldloze islamitisch denker die afgelopen vrijdag ook deel nam aan de demonstratie in Jasem bij Deraa. Beiden ondertekenden een eerdere verklaring die IKV Pax Christi ondersteunde en verspreidde.

Road map to get out of the bottle neck in Syria

The change in Syria as much as inevitable and the historical inevitability cannot be avoided. the political leadership in Syria can make this change a path to a secure future for all Syrians of different affiliations and positions, including the political leadership itself, including those who were particularly involved in corruption and looting of Syrians public and private money, and those who are involved in the recent crimes that led to shedding Syrian blood.

The exit strategy will pose prices on all, and may not be easy for everyone; however, trying to defeat history will make the situation unaffordable, and will pose more burdens and dues on everyone in the country. It will threaten Syria as a nation, and the Syrians as a society of citizens, and puts the potent national economy in jeopardy, and drive the whole nation towards the unknown; a scenario that will not be better than Somalia, and Afghanistan, or even Libya and the Ivory Coast as recent fresh examples.

Perhaps those who hold the power stick today think I am exaggerating the threats and consider what I say mere nonsense that should not be listened to. But reflecting on the opportunities that were available for President Hosni Mubarak on 25 January and how his rule ended; and the opportunity that was available for President Laurent Gbagbo of Ivory Coast after the presidential election, and how the situation was concluded by capturing him; a third example will be considering the negotiation conditions which were available to Gaddafi at the moment of the outbreak of the events in Libya compared to the negotiating options he has today; will make the current power listen to my reasonable voice. I propose a way out that preserves the interests of all, and stops Syrian bloodshed and preserves the power holders’ egos. This call aims to save Syria and all the Syrians, including those in power. I do not believe that a sane Syrian aware of the nature of the historical moment will refuse to listen to this plead.

The start of change requires from the current leadership moral courage in line with the critical situation, insight of the nature of the historical moment to enable it to launch the process of change through:

1-      Ethical reconciliation with the self, leading to recognition and legitimacy of protestors’ demands. Leading to release of protestors detained; and the settlement of the situation  of those affected and recognition of its martyrs.

2-      Open, clear and direct declaration for lifting martial law and ending the state of emergency.

3-      Undertake concrete, and direct steps to close the file of political detention, as well ass the files of the displaced and exiled

4-      Recognition of the political community in Syria; and calling for a general national conference by that does not exclude any political component, including independent political activists. The agenda of the National conference will focus on the following points:

a-      Declaration of the Government of Dr. Safar as a care taking cabinet until further notice

b-      Dissolving the parliament due to its incompetent role in the political life of Syrians.

c-      Start the process of drafting a new constitution that ensures a complete separation of powers, and guarantees the peaceful transition of power, and establishes for the normalization of political life in Syria, facilitation the transition towards a democratic civil secular modern pluralistic nation.

d-      Develop a modern law governing political parties capable of changing the political discourse in Syria, and spread beyond the one-party (national) (progressive Front), and does not exclude the Baath Party.

e-      Develop a modern election law, under which a general pluralistic election is held, to produce a parliament capable of supporting the process of change and stewardship.

In return, the current political leadership and elites associated with it are granted the following:
– a public amnesty for all crimes and offenses committed prior to the date of commencement of the implementation of this roadmap.
– Dr. Bashar al-Assad will be granted the right to a full term presidency as per the new Constitution, this new term starts as soon as this road map starts implementation.

– President Bashar al-Assad enjoys the right to run for a second consecutive term, regardless of past history in office.

I believe in the ability of the Syrian people to reconstruct their nation to compensate for the effects of corruption. I do believe in the ability of the Syrian people to pardon and forgive; to reconcile with the effects of the crime. I believe in the Syrians genuine will to build a new Syria free based on love, cooperation and forgiveness and adorned with diverse ethnic, religious and sectarian affiliations.


Dr Muhammad Ammar

Deraa, 6 April 2011


Notice: This map has a limited period of validity, therefore it is required not to hesitate.


Over Marjolein Wijninckx

Marjolein is programmaleider Midden-Oosten en woont en werkt in Jordanie. Volg haar op Twitter @paxmarjolein.
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