Syrische studenten kondigen staking aan

Studenten van de universiteit van Damascus kondigen aan vanaf morgen 3 dagen te gaan staken, “als een eerste stap”, in een protest voor vrijheid en het recht op onderwijs. Dit nadat een groep studenten geschorst is na de vreedzame protesten die vorige week georganiseerd werden op verschillende faculteiten van de universiteit.

Statement issued by a group of the Syrian university students

 First: We solace ourselves ourselves and our martyrs of civilians and security officers and military personnel from all over the country who gave their lives away for the sake of our Country, and to spread the public freedoms and allowing freedom of speech

Second: We emphasize on the peacefulness and legitimacy of the demonstration that the University of Damascus has witnessed

Third: We work with efforts to maintain the moral values of society and the consolidation of national unity

Fourth: The slogans which were used by the student protesters were emphasizing on the unity of our country and anti sectarian and violence, and they were also calling for solidarity with our families in Deraa, Banaias and the rest of cities and provinces that are in a state of unrest

Fifth: We denounce the acts of force and humiliation inflicted upon the university students inside the campuses by the security forces who are supposed to protect us the civilians. Instead they dealt with the protesting students and those in the vicinity with brutality.

Sixth: We refuse the transfer of any students involved in the protest to the Discipline Committee or their punishment with expulsion. Whereas the constitution states in article 25 and 38 that freedom of speech is a sacred right and in article 39 it ensures the right for civilians to peaceful protest.

Seventh: The youth and specifically university students are the true wealth of the country and its future. They are the country’s immunity against any threat. For this reason we ask from those concerned to absorb the youth’s activity and help in serving the country.

Eighth: We, the undersigned on this statement on our official Facebook page, announce our strike against attending any Lectures as our First Step. This will be for three days starting from Tuesday the 19th of April to the 21st.

We ask from those concerned to listen to our voices and we appreciate their understanding.

The university students of Syria.


Over Marjolein Wijninckx

Marjolein is programmaleider Midden-Oosten en woont en werkt in Jordanie. Volg haar op Twitter @paxmarjolein.
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