Verklaring van de lokale protestcomite’s in Syrie

De lokale comite’s die de protesten organiseren in de verschillende Syrische steden en provincies hebben een gezamenlijk verklaring gepubliceerd waarin ze nog eens alle eisen op een rijtje hebben gezet, zie hieronder. De demontsraties vandaag zijn weer groter dan vorige week, Al-Jazeera arabisch heeft voor het eerst live beelden, uit Banias. Maar over de protesten vandaag later een aparte blog. Hier is de verklaring:

Statement of The Syrian local coordinating committees

As the Syrian demonstrations for freedom grow and expand into greater numbers and into new areas, it is becoming necessary to unequivocally state the demands behind this revolution in order not to create any confusion or to have our demands circumvented or misstated on our behalf.

The freedom and dignity of our citizenship can only be accessed through this, our path of peaceful demonstration in Syria. We seek the rapid reformulation of our national institutions. We demand a clearly-defined basis on which to recognize the depth and breadth of this Syrian national crisis that we are experiencing daily. We must be met with courage. We must stop all attempts by the Syrian tyrannical machine to thwart and circumvent the acquisition of our basic rights and needs. This government is based on lies, and it is in direct violation of the sanctity and safety of all Syrian nationals. They are gambling with our national unity by playing sectarian, ethnic, and religious divisions against each other.

Therefore, we demand of our government that they:

Stop the use of torture, stop the killings, stop the arrests and the violence against peaceful demonstrators. We demand that the media hold accountable those responsible for the aforementioned.

We demand that the Syrian state bear the responsibility for what has happened, and we demand that they make a formal apology and announce three days of national mourning in the name of the victims (civilian and military). We demand that the state form an independent commission (with civilian participation and oversight) to uncover the circumstances of all of the tragic events.

We demand that these events be revealed. The conclusions of the aforementioned independent investigation need to be made public that we might hold accountable those responsible for these crimes, and so that we might bring the perpetrators to justice, all while ensuring a fair trial for all involved.

The solution of replacing our current security devices in accordance with the law is clear. We demand the immediate release of all political prisoners, as well as the release of all detainees held by our national security agencies, including those sentenced by special interim courts after having been arrested by our security forces.

We demand the completion of the constitutional amendments that will allow for a democratic transition of Syria to become a respected, multi-national, multi-ethnic, and religiously tolerant society. This includes the repeal of Constitutional Article 8, which would limit the number of presidential terms to two sessions. This must be subject to analysis, renewal, or amendment by the Syrian people. We demand that our election laws of the People’s Assembly and the municipal councils ensure that all Syrian voices are heard.

We demand the completion of all amendments, and all legal and constitutional proposals to ensure the absolute independence of our judiciary.

We demand regular elections of local councils, and that they occur in a timely manner, in accordance with the aforementioned constitutional reforms.

We demand constitutional recognition of our Syrian national diversity to ensure our cultural and national rights, and to prevent all further forms of discrimination based on race or religion.

We demand the return of those who have been forcibly displaced. Ensure their rights, their legals statuses, and that they and their families are adequately compensated for their respective losses and inconveniences.

We ask for the establishment in Syria, during this transitional period, of a national body to redress grievances and to reconcile in accordance with our long-held standards of justice in order that we neutralize and remove all hotbeds of tension. This will help us turn this page forever.

We demand the passing of a new media law that guarantees the freedom of press in accordance with widely-held international standards and constitutions. Ensure the right to access information. Remove governmental control and censorship of the media, especially in terms of licensing, withdrawal, production, and transfer of information.

Our demand for these freedoms demonstrates that we will continue to demonstrate, whatever the sacrifices. It demonstrates our compassion for the martyrs. And it demonstrates our need for victory that we might finally have a free, democratic Syria.

These are our demands, this is our freedom for which we will fight for no matter the consequences and the sacrifices. Compassion to our martyrs and victory of our revolution for a free, democratic Syria.


Committee Dara’

Committee Homs

Committee Banias

Committee Saraqeb

Committee Idleb

Committee Hasaka

Committee Qamishli

Committee Der Ezzor

Committee Syrian Coast

Committee Hama

Committee Raqqa

Committee Swayda’

Committee Damascus suburbs

Committee Damascus


Over Marjolein Wijninckx

Marjolein is programmaleider Midden-Oosten en woont en werkt in Jordanie. Volg haar op Twitter @paxmarjolein.
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