Dr Muhammad Ammar voor de derde keer gearresteerd!

Dr Muhammad Ammar

Zaterdagochtend vroeg werd Dr Muhammad Ammar, de Syrische geweldloze denker en activist, voor de derde keer gearresteerd. Dit keer in zijn dorp Nimr bij Deraa. Informatie wordt verspreid op Facebook. Hieronder een biografie van Dr Muhammad Ammar die vandaag in het Engels op de Facebookpagina werd gepubliceerd. Er zijn links naar relevante Nassama-blogs opgenomen in de tekst:



Dr Alammar, besides being a physician, an intellectual, and a lecturer, is an advocate of nonviolent change. Born in the village of Namar in Daraa Province on February 2, 1962, Dr Mouhammad Alammar is a practicing physician with an MD degree from Tishreen University, Syria. He served as a volunteer in Namar’s Omar Ibn Alkhatab mosque, giving sermons there for five years, 1993 to 1998. He also has lectured at cultural centers and in conferences inside Syria and abroad. He has authored many articles, which appear on his blog.

He describes himself as “a Syrian physician accused of an interest in philosophy, history, religion, and humanism; an intellectual who feels a responsibility to make his world a more enlightened and a better place, drawn toward the achievements and discoveries of mankind in nature, psychology, and sociology.”

He is one of the signatories on The Damascus Declaration. He also issued a well-known call signed by other prominent figures in Syria such as Haitham Maleh, Jawdat Said, Mouaz Khateeb, Ghassan Najjar, Yasser Alaety and Daed Mousa, asking for a halt to human rights violations in Syria. See the text here. – Of zie hier de Nassama blog over de verklaring.-

Dr Alammar also wrote a proposal, addressed to the Syrian authorities, for solving the current crisis.

Dr Mouhammad Alammar had been required to appear before security branch offices many times in past years, and shortly before the outbreak of the revolution he was ordered to appear at Dara security offices.  He warned that the authorities needed to initiate substantive reforms, or else the revolution was coming.

A few days after protests began, Dr Alammar was detained for four days. Upon his release, he produced a proposal for how Syria could extract itself from the bottleneck. In meeting with revolutionary youth, he persistently emphasized the nonviolence of the revolution no matter what. He addressed a sit-in in the town of Jasem’s Freedom Square. He also recorded a message to the regime, posting it to YouTube.

He was asked to appear twice to discuss his proposal, once meeting Asef Shawkat for three hours, only to be arrested the minute he left Asef Shawkat’s office. He was detained in the security branch for a week, then transferred to Adra Central Prison, where his detention continued for a month before he was released.

He was invited to, and attended, the dissident conference held in Damascus’ Semiramis Hotel, where he presented as a paper his same proposal for how Syria could exit the bottleneck.

His  name was included on national councils proposed at various opposition conferences abroad, albeit without his prior consultation (indeed, many other figures were named to such councils without being consulted).

Dr Alammar attended many meetings concerned with planning the conference of the Coordinating Body for National Democratic Change in Syria (with Husain Abdul Azim, Abdul Aziz Khair, Raja Nasser, and others). This conference opened on September 17 in the Damascus suburbs. However, Dr. Alammar was unable to attend it due to his having been detained the same morning.

Because of his activities, Dr Alammar has been detained several times during recent events in Syria.

Dr. Alammar’s first capture and detention:

Dr. Alammar’s first detention occurred on March 21, 2011. He was invited on that day by the Health Director of the City of Daraa to attend an urgent meeting with the Mayor of Daraa to discuss the current situation in the city. He did not come back from that meeting. He was, instead, found to be detained at one of the security branches without being charged or given any explanations for his detention. Upon his release on 24 March 2011, Dr Alammar gae a detailed account of his ordeal. He was misled by the authorities when he was told that he was going to meet the mayor of Dara. Instead, he was escorted by a high ranking officer to a secret service branch and was detained there in solitary confinement until he was released on 24 March. At the time his imprisonment began, Dr Alammar was fasting. He extended his fast into a hunger strike for the duration of his detention period, to contest the manner and the conditions of his arrest.


Dr. Alammar’s second capture and detention:

On Monday, 2 May 2011, Dr Alammar was summoned by the authorities, ostensibly to meet a “very important person” in the presidential palace, Damascus. Because it is part of Dr. Alammar’s nonviolent principles to maintain a willingness to open communications with one’s opponent, he responded to this invitation. He met there with high-ranking officers from the army and was asked to come back in the next day. The next day, Tuesday 3 May 2011, Dr Alammar met with General Assaf Shawkat for four and half hours. Half and hour after the meeting, Dr Alammar was arrested by the Political Security Branch, on the orders of General Dieb Zaytoneh. He was held for two and a half hours then imprisoned. No news was heard of him until Thursday, 12 May 2011, when someone called his family and claimed that Dr Alammar was seen in court  at the Justice Place on the day before, i.e. 11 May 2011. It turned out that he had been detained in Adra Prison since his arrest on May 3rd, and was detained there until 30 May 2011. He was charged then with: damaging the prestige of the state; making calls that would weaken the national sentiment; spreading news that might weaken the morale of the nation, and holding secret unauthorized activities and meetings. He was released on 5 June under the second general amnesty.


Dr. Alammar’s most recent detention:

Military security stormed Dr Alammar’s house in Namar village, Dara Province, bearing weapons and arriving in a blue jeep and a bus, at approximately six am on Saturday, 17 September 2011. The home of his neighbor Samer Bakry, age 32, was also stormed in the same operation. Samer, who was making ablutions at the time, was in his underclothes. They took him with his father, Muhammad Bakri (Abu Nazem), age 70. Also imprisoned this same raid were Ibrahim Bakry (Abu Jafar),51;Osama Ibrahim Alammar (Tuqan),25 and his maternal aunt’s son Omar Koshan (Abu Walid),60 and Omar’s son Belal, 23.

They were driven in a bus to Nawa. Dr Alammar’s wife and Um Nazem, wife of Muhammad Bakri,followed them by car, with Um Nazem’s son driving, in order to give Samer clothing. Security refused to give the clothing to Samer. All of them were transferred to Military Security in Dara.


A message to the Syrian regime, a vidoe recorded by Dr. Alammar can be found at the following link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNP1uCWEchE



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