Syria Alert Issue VI – Support the civilian uprising in Syria

One year ago, the Syrian people stood up to demand their freedom and dignity. The Syrian government’s violent repression of this uprising has caused the death of an estimated 9000 Syrians during this past year. Why has the uprising’s leadership not been able yet to lead the Syrian people to the freedom they all longed for?
In this Syria Alert policy brief, IKV Pax Christi analyses who leads the Syrian popular uprising and what challenges they face. It recommends that the international community address these challenges by

  1. Supporting the Syrian nonviolent uprising with bold diplomatic activism and practical support
  2. Mediate and facilitate between the different opposition actors to establish a definite plan for transition and the new Syria
  3. Support the Syrian National Council in strengthening its legitimacy.

You can read the full Syria Alert Issue VI dated March 14th here


Over Evert- Jan Grit

programmaleider Midden-Oosten
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