Brief van de Local Coordination Committees in Syrië in antwoord op Adopt a Revolution

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Our people are struggling to rid themselves of a despotic regime that has ruled the country through force and terrorism for over 40 years. A new generation of Syrians seeks to build a modern country like other free nations. This rebelling generation will not return to the fold of tyranny and will continue to sacrifice until they secure the rights of all Syrians in a democratic state bound by a constitution that assures the rights, equality, and well-being of all members of Syrian society, regardless of their social or national economic status, religious sect, cultural affiliation, or political and intellectual views.

Our people have found themselves alone in the face of a bloody, repressive regime that has killed more than 10,000 people so far. The international and regional communities have stood by the regime and provided it weapons and soldiers, technicians, experts, financial support, and political cover. So, we, as one of the forces of the peaceful movement involved in revolutionary work inside Syria, expect the forces of freedom in the world to communicate the voice of free Syrians, which the regime and its allies are working hard to manipulate and silence.

We also thank you for launching and managing the “Adopt a Revolution” project, which we hope will cover the needs of four of the peaceful resistance committees in Syria. This reflects your understanding of the needs of the freedom and dignity of the revolution in our country.

With respect and appreciation, we remain,

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria


Over Jan Jaap van Oosterzee

Adviseur beleid en public affairs Midden Oosten en Kaukasus bij IKV Pax Christi.
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