Lokale Coordinatie Comite’s over mogelijke militaire aanval op Syrie

De Lokale Coordinatie Comite’s in Syrie kwamen net met een verklaring waarin ze hun standpunt uiteen zetten over een mogelijke Amerikaanse aanval. Ze waarschuwen dat een te lichte aanval het regime alleen maar zal versterken en dat de Syrische bevolking de prijs zal betalen. Ze stellen dat een aanval de luchtmacht, artillerie en raketten die burgers aanvallen moet verlammen en de verantwoordelijkheid moet worden genomen om burgers te beschermen. Lees de volledige verklaring in het Engels hier:

A Statement by the Local Coordination Committees in Syria Regarding the Possible Military Strike against the Assad Regime
1 September 2013 at 11:13

The Syrian people have never welcomed a foreign military intervention in any country, but as it faced the repression it was forced to revolt out of a belief in its righteous cause, while the dictator regime responded with gunfire, torture, and arrests as well as deprived it from its right for survival in a safe environment. The regime has confronted the civilian protestors with tanks and heavy weaponry from the start of the Syrian revolution, and hasn’t stopped since then from developing its methods of killing and violence against its people. As arrests by security forces would mean field execution, and subjecting civilians with gunfire has become an ongoing use by warplanes, ballistic missiles, and heavy artillery, along with the chemical weapons too. The regime has never stopped from challenging the entire world as it is backed by Russia, China, and Iran, as well as indirectly supported by the rest of the world’s silence and procrastination, making its continued killing of Syrians and tearing apart its nation, a proof to the failure of the humanity from protecting itself from repression.

Today, the signs are indicating a serious possibility to an American strike against the regime that would merely defend the Red Line of the chemical weapons’ use, which Assad has continuously challenged. Apparently, the main concern of the West in this regard is based on their international political interests and not the serious attempt to rescue the people who aspire for freedom and dignity, and die for it everyday.

A limited strike to merely warn Assad today will lead to nothing but his increase in violence, as well as to his complete confidence that no one would prevent him from killing. Such a transient strike will only be presented as an international legitimacy to the regime, in case it truly prevents it from using the chemical weapons again, to use all the heavy weaponry, but the chemical ones. In the end no one will pay the price but the Syrian people.

It is a difficult moment and a change in the history of the Syrians, it also takes responsibility from us and the entire world, as well as wisdom, rather than hesitance and self-interests.

Any strike to the regime must aim to paralyze, with care and precision, its Air Forces, artillery, and rockets, which it uses against the civilian areas that equate an outcome of that of weapons of Mass Destruction. It must also have the necessary responsibility toward the civilians, rather than being at their costs. As well as being accompanied with continued coordination and enough support to the Syrian opposition, the political and the armed, in order to allow them to organize and develop its operations against the barbaric crackdown, and to give hope to the people who was pushed by despair and agony to further extremism.

As opposers, revolutionaries, and activists, it is of our responsibility to stand side by side in order to be able to clarify our national interests and humanitarian necessities, and to tell the entire world that abandoning the people is as abandoning the entire humanity, and that the intervention in Syria must be in favor of the Syrians’ needs and voices, respecting them as well as their self-determined future.

The death period has lasted for too long in Syria, and our people are waiting for help from all of the world, although it remains delayed, as an international community who has watched all the death and still needed the time to further think before aiding a causality by Assad’s chemical weapons, won’t be too difficult for it to stand helpless as the massacre goes on. Although, despite that, we stand full of hope and are certain that humanity has not been defeated yet, it must be awaken, today, or tomorrow, and our people are the proof.


Over Marjolein Wijninckx

Marjolein is programmaleider Midden-Oosten en woont en werkt in Jordanie. Volg haar op Twitter @paxmarjolein.
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