Turkse autoriteiten arresteren Syrische journalist Rami Jarrah

Rami JarrahDe Syrische journalist Rami Jarrah, oprichter van ANA Press, is afgelopen woensdag 17 februari gearresteerd door de Turkse autoriteiten toen hij zijn verblijfsvergunning ging aanvragen in Gaziantep. Rami reisde de afgelopen jaren veel heen en weer tussen Turkije en Syrie en was recent nog in Aleppo. De Committee to Protect Journalists riep al meteen op tot Rami’s vrijlating en de Syria Campaign heeft een petitie opgezet. MO* Magazine, dat laatst nog een uitgebreid interview met Rami Jarrah publiceerde, berichtte ook over de arrestatie.

Teken hier de petitie voor vrijlating van Rami Jarrah.

Kijk hier naar de livestream vanuit Aleppo met Rami Jarrah die de Syria Campaign een aantal weken geleden uitzond.

Rami’s vader plaatste een oproep aan de Turkse autoriteiten op Facebook:

I was recently made aware, through social media networks Twitter and Facebook, that my son Rami Al-Jarrah, a Syrian journalist who lives with his family in Gaziantep in Turkey, was arrested by the Turkish authorities last Wednesday. the arrest was confirmed by his friends and colleagues in the city. He was briefly held in detention centre assigned for foreigners, but later moved to an undisclosed location with no access to his family or lawyer.
Rami Al-Jarrah is a well-known journalist who won many awards including the 2012 CJFE International Press Freedom Award. He was working on reporting and documenting the effect of the Russian bombing campaign in Aleppo Province in northern Syria and the plight of the Syrian refugees escaping the Russian strikes.
Rami Al-Jarrah was invited a few weeks ago with other Syrian journalists to meet the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. President Erdogan highlighted his support for the Syrian journalists during the meeting and promised that the Turkish authorities to help their work.
As I am surprised and concerned by Rami’s arrest by the Turkish authorities, I demand his immediate release. I hold the Turkish authorities fully responsible for his safety.

Nouri Al-Jarrah
London, UK
Feb 19, 2016


Over Marjolein Wijninckx

Marjolein is programmaleider Midden-Oosten en woont en werkt in Jordanie. Volg haar op Twitter @paxmarjolein.
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Een reactie op Turkse autoriteiten arresteren Syrische journalist Rami Jarrah

  1. Marjolein Wijninckx zegt:

    De internationale druk die sinds gisteren op gang is gekomen heeft geholpen, Rami is vrijgelaten! Hij postte het volgende op Facebook:

    “I have been released by the Turkish authorities, I would like to thank everyone that participated in helping me by showing their support in all the ways this was expressed.

    Unfortunately to this moment I have not received a direct or official explanation of why I was arrested and what I was being charged for however I understand that it developed from my crossing into Syria hence being arrested the first time as I departed. I appreciate the action that was taken to put a halt to whatever was happening but given the circumstances I was placed under and cases I witnessed of those in detention with me, I would like to shed light on at a later stage in order to ensure that justice is not only implemented in my case alone and why I was treated in such a manner.

    The location I was transferred to late Wednesday evening contained prisoners that were all held under the same suspicion of being terrorist elements, all have not been charged and some have been there for upto 9 months after having being declared innocent by a court of law. It disturbs me that I was placed in this situation given my background and obvious distance from such an accusation

    I understand the pressure the Turkish government is under and the responsibility it has in ensuring security and preventing terrorism from infiltrating or harming Turkey, however miscalculation or little research before action can mean that many become a victim of such a system.

    Thank you again to everyone for their support and to those that took action in ensuring my release.”

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